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Machinery Relocation

If you're looking at your heavy machinery and scratching your head as to how you're going to move the blessed thing then don't worry, help is at hand.

We offer a full Machinery Relocation package that takes into account all manner of disconnections, packing and dismantling to provide the very best service possible for you and your business.

Thanks to several decades' worth of combined experience in the machinery relocation field we're confident that we can provide exactly the right amount of care, safety and flexibility required to help you get on with your day job alongside the relocation project.

It's often the case that Machinery Relocation requires our team of experts to work alongside your workforce to get the best possible results from the move. With this in mind, we're proud of our customer service record and will happily present you with a friendly and adaptable team of specialists to aid your crew and get the job done with the minimum of fuss or disruption.

Entire factories, heavy pieces of kit or one single machine that needs to get shifted, whatever you have in mind, we're the best team for your Machinery Relocation project and won't let you down no matter how large or how small your task.

Below are just a few of the components that we provide as part of our professional and affordable Machinery Relocation service and if you have any questions don't hesitate to pick up the phone.

  • We'll ensure electrics and mechanics are safely disconnected
  • All existing machinery will be decommissioned
  • Platforms for access, walkways and remaining infrastructure will be removed accordingly
  • Floor and ceiling fixings will be removed as per above
  • All dismantled fixtures, fittings and parts will be documented, stored and reassembled
  • We'll only use Grade A industry-standard machinery and cranes for heavy lifting tasks
  • We follow all official rules and regulations when it comes to secure packing, loading, transporting and reassembling.

If you have any Machinery Relocation projects in mind, then call us now on 08 8260 5122 or visit our Contact Us page to tell us more details about what you've got in mind.