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Heavy Lift

Safely and efficiently

Whenever large and heavy components need to be lifted, Fleurieu Cranes can supply the equipment, expertise and experience to do the job safely and efficiently.

Fleurieu Cranes have one of the most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment with lift capacity ranging from 300 Tonne all-terrain models to our state of the art 700 Tonne Liebherr 1650-8.1 Crane – the largest road compliant ‘boom on’ model to exist, providing easy transportation and quicker assembly and disassembly times.

Our specialised heavy lift equipment and experienced team of professionals ensure safe and efficient operation and project delivery. We have the right cost effective solution for your heavy lifting needs.

Our heavy lift team is also supported by our transport and haulage team offering a complete transport and lift & shift solution for your project.

Advanced lifting capability

Liebherr LMT 1650-8.1
700T lifting capacity

The Liebherr 1650-8.1 crane is a highly advanced and versatile piece of equipment that offers several advantages over other cranes in the market.

Key Advantages

Grove GMK6400 - 400T
Highly mobile

Grove GMK6400​
400T lifting capacity​

The Grove GMK6400 is highly mobile and easily transported making it an excellent choice for windfarms, large construction projects, industrial applications, and infrastructure development.

Key Advantages

The right crane for yor project

Our extensive Crane fleet

City Cranes

Pick & Carry Cranes

All Terrain Cranes

Crawler Cranes

Why choose us

The Fleurieu Cranes advantage


  • Heavy Lift crane operations are inherently high-risk and can be dangerous if not carried out correctly. Our experienced team have a thorough understanding of the equipment they are using and know how to perform each lift safely, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Our ‘Safety First’ mindset positions us as the industry benchmark. We work together to ensure the safety and protection of all people involved, the load itself, equipment and associated structures.


  • Heavy Lift crane operations require precise positioning and movement of large objects, or objects at great heights. Our experienced team have the expertise to ensure that each lift is carried out with precision, minimising the risk of damage to the object being lifted, as well as surrounding infrastructure.
  • We employ a team of dedicated engineers who develop lift studies with the greatest level of accuracy through professional use of our systems including AutoCAD, Nearmap, MetroMap, and various Manufacturer programs. Our lift studies are individually designed to meet specific project requirements.


  • Our experienced team have the knowledge and skills to carry out each lift once only safely and efficiently, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.
  • Low counter-weight transport cost –our dedicated rigging trucks reduce return travel costs.
  • No overnight set up costs – Fleet up to 220T has approved 24hr travel.
  • Low mobilisation costs – Cranes are configured for road permits in the most efficient way to minimise mobilisation / set up costs.


  • Our emphasis on best practice outcomes and availability of Supervisors, offers maximum flexibility to our customers through individual designs for each lift.
  • All equipment serviced and supported through our Maintenance and Servicing Department.


  • The size and breath of our fleet and team offers a reliable service for our customers to ensure a worksite ready workforce is always available with a repeatable and reliable outcome.
  • We focus on reliability by having the best, most environmentally friendly cranes with an emphasis on a cost-effective outcome.