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Specialist Lift

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Complex and technically challenging lifts require a highly experienced and expert team.

The Specialist Lift team at Fleurieu Cranes have the experience and equipment to maximise efficiency and deliver successful project completion.

Our experienced specialised lift team are allocated to our projects to ensure a main point of contact, maximum efficiency, and successful completion. Additionally, we also have an in-house Lift Engineering team who provide Lift Plans and Lift Studies for the most complex of lifts, along with our HSEQ team who provide job specific SWMS, and safety advice as required.

The Specialist lift team is supported by 45+ cranes and logistics solutions including prime movers, specialised semi-trailers, tray tops, rigids and associated light vehicles.

In addition, our Crane fleet is complimented by our specialist lifting equipment, including high-capacity slings, blade socks, shackles, spreader bars, purpose designed outrigger mats and more.

Our dedicated team and specifically selected equipment are highly experienced in:

Fleurieu Cranes offer concepts, innovative ideas, and solutions. We’ll happily assist with feasibility studies, engineering lift studies and design along with other associated services. Fleurieu Cranes are committed to ensuring our specialist lift projects are delivered successfully, meaning efficient, within budget and of the highest standards of safety and quality.

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