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Machinery relocation

highly skilled

Fleurieu Cranes is one of the market leaders in heavy equipment moving and relocation.

Our highly skilled professionals work alongside our clients’ teams to move and relocate your heavy machinery and equipment, with minimal disruption to operations.

We know that as businesses grow and adapt, so do their machinery requirements, and we’re here to assist clients who find themselves needing to modify their existing machinery and equipment assembly. With our years of experience, we recognise that no two projects or clients are the same, so our services can be flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of each company we work with.

unrivalled knowledge

Experienced machinery relocation

With several decades-worth or combined experience we have grown as a company, honed our skills and built an unrivalled knowledge of the requirements for heavy machinery moving. Our clients are always in safe hands when they engage our services. From moving equipment and machinery within a factory, to machinery transport and the entire relocation of production facilities across countries, we have the experience, tools, expertise and safety measures to ensure every project goes smoothly.

We work alongside your workforce to get the best possible results. We are proud of our customer service record and our friendly team of specialists will aid your crew and get the job done with the minimum disruption.

pin-point accuracy

Accurate machinery transportation & laser tracking

Having capable machine transporting tools is a key component to safe machine relocation. Modern machinery is heavy and more sophisticated than ever, so accuracy plays an important role in successful transportation.

Fleurieu Cranes provides metrology (laser-tracking) – our in-house systems cater for floor-marking, alignment, measuring and levelling to ensure pin-point precision throughout the process.

Health and safety

Machinery relocation service

Fleurieu Cranes offers a full machinery relocation package that takes into account all manner of disconnections, packing and dismantling to provide you and your business with the very best possible service.

Entire factories, heavy pieces of plant, or one single machine that needs to get moved or shifted – whatever you have in mind – we have the most experienced team for your machinery relocation.

Fleurieu Cranes machinery relocation service checklist:

  1. We can ensure electrics and mechanics are safely disconnected
  2. We can decommission your machine(s) and get them ready for removal
  3. If you have any access platforms, walkways, or any remaining infrastructure thats needs to be shifted with your machines – we can take care of these as well
  4. We can remove floor and ceiling fixings where required
  5. All dismantled fixtures, fittings and parts can be documented, stored and reassembled by our professional team
  6. We will only use Grade A industry-standard equipment and cranes for heavy lifting tasks – so you can rest assured your machines are safe with us
  7. We follow all official rules and regulations when it comes to secure packing, loading, transporting and reassembling.

If you have a machinery relocation project in mind, then contact us now on
08 8260 5122 or visit our Contact Us page to tell us more about what you have!

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